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Jive 2 Converted to Freeware (Under GPL)!

March 3, 2001, FFE Software, Inc. announced that all versions of Jive will be available as freeware under GPL (Gnu General Public License), from now on. The full Jive 2 SDK is available for free download on this page. Complete source is provided.

Version 2 of Jive is a complete HTML scripting language with access to ODBC databases. Advances over Jive 1 include user defined subroutines, access to database stored procedures and catalog, new functions and commands. Download the full Jive 2 SDK for free, below.

Download Jive 2 Software Development Kit (SDK)

Jive 2 SDK includes:
  • Windows Executable Version of Interpreter
  • Full source to Interpreter, for porting to UNIX, Mac, ... and for customization, debugging
  • Complete Reference Manual in HTML
  • Example Scripts for CGI
  • Download Jive 2 SDK: jive201.zip (142KB) Jive 2 Online Reference:

    Jive is in Print!

    Check out World Wide Web Database Programming for Windows NT by Brian Jepson. Jepson's book has tons of great information on Web Programming plus a chapter devoted to Jive. Details:
    World Wide Web Database Programming for Windows NT
    Brian Jepson
    Wiley Computer Publishing
    ISBN 0-471-14930-6
    The CD-ROM that comes with the book contains a full Web Server and a copy of Jive.

    Jive 1 is still available: Jive 1

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