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FirstSQL® Adds Support For Intel® Itanium®™ 64-bit Processor 64-bit Computing Platform

El Cerrito, Calif. – May 6, 2002 – FirstSQL, Inc., a developer of advanced high performance 100% Java Object-relational SQL92 database technology announced support today for the Intel® Itanium® processor-based 64-bit computing platform. The advantages of the Intel Itanium architecture for Java-based applications include accelerated performance and significantly larger physical memory addressability.

FirstSQL/J Professional and Enterprise Server Edition used IBM’s 1.3.0 JVM for Windows XP and the TowerJ™ Java Virtual Machine on RedHat® Linux 64-bit. FirstSQL plans to support other IA-64 JVMs optimized for the Itanium processor as they become available.

"A robust ORDBMS written in Java provides validation that complex Java applications perform at higher levels on the Itanium-based processor 64-bit platform. Said David Morse, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at FirstSQL, Inc. We believe the unique features provided with Intel’s 64-bitthe Itanium processor are an excellent match for our Java ORDBMS technology and thank Intel’s Early Access Program for providing the catalyst to succeed with it."

In addition to a large number of registers, IA-64 feautresfeatures of the Itanium processor,hardware techniques such as prediction, parallelism, prefetch, and data speculation can provide significantly faster execution and optimization of Java database applications. Optimized to take advantage of high-performance capabilities, the IA-64 machine is aItanium processor-based platform is perfect perfect platform for FirstSQL/J Enterprise Server computing.

FirstSQL/J provides ANSI SQL92 Intermediate Level compliance along with extensions and full object capabilities in the database using Java Classes. Java capabilities enhance the power of SQL. FirstSQL/J supports a rich set of SQL data types plus the ability to store Java objects in database columns. Java database objects offer application developers flexibility by opening infinite possibilities for storage of information.

Java methods use JDBC classes for database access. Clients using JDBC can retrieve and send database objects and they can then execute the retrieved objects in the client environment, in the client JVM. The JDBC Type 4 driver enables database developers to build powerful and portable directory-enabled and EJB applications using the standard Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI).

FirstSQL/J can be developed and deployed on any device, embedded system, or server computing platform that supports a 1.7 or greater J2ME, J2SE, or J2EE compatible JVM. The full function database engine by itself is provided in a small, yet modular, footprint that can be further reduced in size by removing functionality.

“Intel’s Early Access Program allowed FirstSQL to test and optimize its 100% Java database technology for the Intel® Itanium® processor very quickly. The direct and as a result, means FirstSQL can raise thehas achieved increased bar on Java database performance,” said Melissa Laird, director of Intel Developer Services. “We are pleased to have FirstSQL participate in the Intel booth at the IBM Developer Works Live event as part of Intel's Early Access Program exhibit.”

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